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This has been inspired by Galileo's first ever realistic depiction of the Moon. Galileo produced his famous set of six watercolors of the Moon in its many phases "from life" in 1609 while observing the Earth's satellite through a telescope. To me, these moons are also "fruits," maybe as a result of their distance, and, along with Apple Moons and Sky Bagels, they are a part of the fruits series.

I often use a palette knife and love the footprint it leaves on surfaces. Because of the way some of these shapes turned out, I call them "bagels," but they are also "fruits," and they are in fact part of the "fruits" series, along with Apple Moons and Galileo's Fruits. 

In ancient stories, apples often cause war ("the apple of discord"), distraction (Atalanta's golden apples), or even all human misery (the biblical "forbidden fruit"). However, there were no separate terms for "apple" in the original languages of Ancient Greek mythology or the Bible. "Fruit" was all they said. The originally innocent apple became the guilty fruit in our culture as a result of translation errors and aesthetic traditions that evolved very late in art history. In this work, the apple is exonerated of all charges and admitted to Heaven.

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